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Many countries and regions have held to date regional and national IGFs in order to support the global IGF. Such forums discuss technical, organizational and legal issues relating to use of the Internet at the national level. These regional venues provide an in-depth and efficient analysis of the Internet governance issues at the local level and subsequently transmit worldwide conclusions and recommendations formulated by the representatives of the national government, business-community and professional Internet-community to the global IGF.

Russia was a part of the gobal IGF since its first meeting. In 2010, Russia joined the group of regionally held IGFs. The Russian Internet Governance Forum hosted by the Coordination Center for Top-Level Domains for Russian Federation became a groundbreaking event of this kind for both Russia and Eastern Europe.

In 2011, Second Russian Internet Governance Forum gathered over 500 attendees from Russia and other countries. Experts were exchanging experiences and information, as well as debating problems that CIS countries face when promoting and developing Internet. National registries tackled this challenge during a roundtable and provided very useful views and experiences to benefit all participants.