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Business daily Vedomosti is a unique project. Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal, the world’s leading business newspapers, joined their efforts to bring it to life. Together with the largest Russian publishing house Sanoma Independent Media, they have been publishing Vedomosti since 1999. Vedomosti sees its mission in providing readers with timely, detailed and objective coverage.

Business FM - Russia’s first business radio station. Broadcasting in Moscow at the frequency 87.5 FM, Saint-Petersburg - 107,4 FM, Ufa - 107,5 FM, Kaliningrad - 101,8 FM, Ekaterinburg - 99,4 FM, Krasnoyarsk - 104,2 FM. Business FM provides an exclusive product for a small segment of the general public but the most active and influential one, which in minutes must have the full spectrum of information about money. Business FM is a member company of the United Media holding company.

TASS-Telecom is the Web’s publisher of original telecommunications and IT news and analysis. It is designed to provide executives and professionals with insight information of communications industry.
TASS-Telecom provides breaking news, expert commentary and authoritative analysis, archives, research reports and more.
Each month a new list of top telecommunications and IT companies and services is published by TASS-Telecom.
Email: - is the first website in Russia devoted to professional and personal development. This information resource is an expert site based on articles and video blogs by professionals from different fields.

TelecomDaily is an analytical agency that was founded in 2003 and is one of the most known and well- cited agencies both in business and mass media in Russia.

Mobile Telecommunications is a magazine for industry professionals. It covers technology development, most important events in telecommunications, broadcast, information systems and Internet service technologies, and provides analytics on development and convergence perspectives. Printed since 1999, 10 issues per year and the circulation is 5,000 copies.

ITAR- TASS - Russia's largest news agency, photo and graphic services, coveringevents in real time.

ITAR-TASS produces more than 100 information products: operational tapes, reference books, analytical bulletins, newsletters - the political, economic, social, cultural and sporting life of Russia and the world. It also provides information support services: distribution of press releases in Russia and abroad, conductingmonitoring, banner and contextual support.

ComNews is an independent group of companies with a history of leadership in the market of telecom, IT and broadcasting business information in Russia, CIS and emerging markets. The group was established in 1998 and today consists of five companies in Russia, rendering publishing, research, consultancy and eventing services. ComNews Group has over 70 fulltime employees.

2/1, build.1 Verhnyaya Krasnoselskaya St., Moskow Russia 107140
Phone/fax: +7 (495) 933-5483

E-mail:  – russian information and analysis server, specializing in highlighting the issues of hardware of personal computers, communications, multimedia, 3D-graphics and audio, digital photos and video, notebooks, tablet, media center and much more. Established October 1, 1997 and for the past 15 years site has confirmed its reputation as a famous and respected resource dedicated to computers and hi- tech industry.

Information-analytical magazine «Personal data» www.privacy-

Magazine «Personal data» - the first in the market of modern Russian mass media the official specialized edition completely devoted to a problematics of the personal data.
The magazine will give the chance to experts to get acquainted the first with the information on measures and protection frames of the personal data both technical, and nontechnical character. Edition materials are devoted also to the questions, concerning innovations in the legislation on the personal data, to the basic problems existing in the field of processing, storage and protection of the information of the personal character, the taken place both preparing actions and seminars in this area.
Joint releases with public authorities - regulators in sphere of the personal data - do the edition by the valuable tool for competent construction of work with the personal data in the organization of any field of activity.
The Online-magazine is calculated on a wide range of readers.

Tel: 8(964)576-26-14
E-mail:, redactor@privacy-

IKS («Inform-Kourier-Svyaz») is a Telecom, IT and Media business magazine for Russian and CIS readers. The edition features all kinds of content for the professionals — news, reviews and market research, information on management, marketing and technology. - Daily online IT-news media for the readers of the Central region of Russia. - Daily online IT-news media for the readers of the North-West region of Russia. - Daily online IT-news media for the readers of the Privolzhje region of Russia

3DNews Daily Digital Digest - Russia's first independent online edition to deal with information technologies. The purpose of the project is to provide media coverage of the IT market through publishing prompt and maximally impartial information; to make the audience aware of hardware and software novelties as well as to assist Russia's computer users in making the right choice, purchasing and using the hardware and software in the most efficient way.

CNews is the largest daily online publication on IT in Russia. CNews provides up-to-date information on hi-tech, telecommunications, hardware and software. CNews is based on the portal principle, covering apart from news analytical articles, market reviews, Internet poll results. Printed version has been publishing since 2004.
Every day CNews provides approximately 100 news on Russian and international IT-markets. Average monthly attendance of the site is over 2 300 000 visitors.

WWW.AIF.RU - is the round-the-clock  information resource of the Argumenty i Fakty Publishers, which provides an opportunity to review the content of all publications under the brand name AiF, as well as provides the users with updates. In addition to section of general interest, the site offers consumers “glossy online magazines” – about cuisine, equipment and health. The “Warm Heart” Foundation that helps children has a separate webpage. To better service the users, the editorial office prepares special projects “Summer”, “New Year” and “Spring Holidays”. AIF.RU – holds a leading position among Russian weeklies’ websites on weekdays, the site is accessed by some 200,000 visitors a day.

National association of research and educational e- Infrastructures ‘e-Arena’ is a non-state non-profit organization that unifies Russian and foreign legal entities legally situating on the territory of the Russian Federation and representing information and communications infrastructures for research and education, and organizations whose activity is concerned with establishment, development and functioning of bus-structured, regional and branch telecommunication and dispersed computing systems based on GRID- technologies.

rocID stands for "Common Runet Users' Network". Once registered its users can easily access numerous future professional events on the Runet (Russian Internet).

Flight-O is the informational and analytical agency  in the field of IT- technology, information & aviation  security. Flight-O publics news, surveys, organizes business meeting and  is known in business community and mass media in "Security Russia".